The title of the book, Toskana is a made-up word, a polonized variation on the original name of the Italian region. Tuscany through the lens of the photographer, doesn’t have anything to do with the idyllic image of fragrant herbs that we know from tourist guides, cooking books or movies.

The author appears here as the evil or incompetent tourist photographing empty warehouses, laundry mats at night, passers-by. Works of art: painting, sculpture, architecture, interest him no less than tourists who focus thier itinerary, meticulously documenting the Italian attractions. The legacy of European culture, hidden behind the walls of museums and galleries, is only a backdrop for contemporary heroes whose origin we are not able to identify.

The great beauty of Toskany lies in the void beyond the lost, the boundary between the past and the future.

The publication was released in 10 copies signed by the author.

100 pages